We are a family affair! The joy gained from this art form is not only for our academy students; we invite the entire family to the barre. During class time, students will be encouraged to use appropriate dancer’s etiquette; helping them to show respect toward classmates and instructors.  As part of their training, we will guide them towards a better understanding of proper ballet manners. Please review the following reminders - with your help, we will continue to offer great training and aid in the growth of great individuals. Together we are nurturing many wonderful learning experiences!

Entering and Exiting the Dance Facility 

  • Students (all      ages) should wear appropriate clothing over their dance attire. Students are welcome to change into      dance attire at the studio.
  • Make sure to      wear an alternative pair of shoes (street shoes instead of dance shoes)      from the parking lot into the facility.
  • Students      should arrive on time for class. 
  • Students are      asked to remain in the school lobby and not outdoors while waiting for      rides. Prompt retrieval of your child will ensure his/her safety. 
  • New facility      safety measures will begin this dance year. Details will be available soon

Waiting Areas

  • In      preparation for class, students and their parent/guardian are welcome to      arrive early. Please attend to      young students prior to their class beginning. 
  • Please remind your precious minions not run, jump on the furniture and to always use inside voices
  • We LOVE to share our books and toys with all of our favorite people! Remember to put everything away after enjoying it.Families are always welcome to stay the duration of their child’s class time.

Class Time for Students

  • Students      should enter the studio/ dance space only after the instructor has invited      them into the room.
  • Our students      are so patient! Each class will      exit the room before the next class enters.
  • No chewing      gum, food or drink in the studio.  
  • No running or      hanging on barres. 
  • A placement      class may be required in order for students to participate in intermediate      to upper levels. 
  • Students      enrolled in levels, Ballet 1- Ballet 8, attend the full schedule of      classes.
  • Consistent      attendance in all classes, in which they are enrolled, will allow      student's the time needed to progress to the next level. Make up classes for missed classes are      available at a level lower or a level designated by his/her teacher.
  • All students      enrolled in classes have assigned class attire and are required to wear      designated class attire in order to participate.
  • Students      should come to class with their hair groomed neatly. Female students age 7 and older should      wear hair secured neatly in a bun with no loose hair. 
  • An instructor      may ask an intermediate to upper level student to observe a class for      which they arrived more than fifteen minutes late. Participation with improper preparation      could result in injury.
  • The academy ballet mistress will evaluate students      at the appropriate time for pointe shoes. Based on the strength necessary with mental and physical readiness,      the academy will only offer pointe classes to those students who have      receive supervised preparation for pointe      work. The academy does not offer pointe      classes to students who do not attend the required number of technique and      strengthening classes.

Families and Guardians

  • Please remain      outside the studio while classes are in session. Disruptions during class time slow the pace      of the class and affect the focus and progress for all students.
  • Only      registered students allowed in class/ studios. Please no siblings as participants or      observers.
  • Due to      privacy issues and respect, offices and wardrobe/prop closets are for staff      use only. 
  • Arkansas      Academy of Dance will follow the Little Rock School Districts Inclement      Weather School Closings Policy.  An      email notification will be sent to all families, in case of a closing.