Additional Information

Our academy students find great joy in learning the art of classical ballet.  Our faculty encourages the use of “studio etiquette” in showing respect for classmates and instructors; nurturing a wonderful learning experience.  With your help, we will continue to offer great training and aid in the growth of great individuals.  We promote the following guidelines.  

No food or drink other than water in studios.  No chewing gum allowed.  

No running or hanging on barres in the studio.  

Students should enter the studio/ dance space only after the instructor has invited them.

Parents should remain outside the ballet studio while their child’s class is in session.  Entering the studio during class time causes disruption to the pace of the class and progress for all students.

Only registered students allowed in class/ studios.  Please no siblings as participants or observers.

Due to privacy issues and respect, offices and wardrobe/prop closets are for staff use only.  

Students are required to wear designated class attire.

Students should arrive on time for class. Please attend to young students prior to their class beginning. 

An instructor may ask upper level students to observe a class for which they arrived more than fifteen minutes late.  Participation with improper preparation could result in injury.

Students are asked to remain in the school lobby and not outdoors while waiting for rides. Prompt retrieval of your child will ensure his/her safety.  

Consistent attendance in all classes, in which they are enrolled, will allow student's the time needed to progress to the next level.  Make up classes for missed classes are available at a level lower or a level designated by his/her teacher.

Faculty will evaluate students at the appropriate time for pointe shoes.  Based on the strength necessary with mental and physical readiness, the academy will only offer pointe classes to those students who have receive supervised preparation for pointe work.  The academy does not offer pointe classes to students who do not attend the required number of technique and strengthening classes.

For new students entering an upper level, placement classes - to evaluate abilities, guide instructors with appropriate level assignment.

Parents must agree to terms before each child may participate in classes.

An alternate class date/ make up class will be offered to students, youth and student divisions, who are scheduled to attend class on July 4th.