Summer Dance Opportunities
June - August training for all ages and levels “Developing the Next Generation of Accomplished Dancers”
Arkansas Festival Ballet
A repertory dance company dedicated to enhancing the performing arts in Arkansas with original and collaborative productions. Arkansas Academy of Dance is the official school of Arkansas Festival Ballet. An artistic partnership, focused on high caliber training and performing opportunities for excelling students.
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Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Classical Ballet, Pointe & Pre Pointe, Pilates, Modern, Musical Theatre & Dance, Tap into Theatre Dance, Teen & Adult Ballet
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Get ready for a fantastic year of dance! Creative Movement, Pre Ballet, Classical Ballet, Pointe/Pre Pointe, Pilates, Modern, Musical Theatre & Dance, Tap into Theatre Dance

Center Stage

Students will attend RDA/SW Ballet Festival "Legacy Lives On" March 15-17
Arkansas Festival Ballet presents Beauty and the Beast for tickets
Student Spring Demonstration Performance April 28
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Summer Intensive
June 4-15, Progressive Formal Training for Serious Dance Students, Age 8 and older
Arkansas Festival Ballet Audition
Arkansas Festival Ballet Audition
Intensive Training
Summer Camp
"Beauty and the Beast" June 18-21 & "Aladdin's Lamp" July 30-August 2. Age appropriate curriculum guides children through the wonderful world of dance.
Dance Camp
Dance Camp
Camps for Ages 3-8
Summer Sessions
Continued training for ballet students ages 3 & older with flexible attendance available during vacation months
Lessons in Dance
Lessons in Dance
Summer Sessions
Quality of Standards in Training    Arkansas Academy of Dance promotes the highest standards in training. Our curriculum offers a solid and complete foundation in classical ballet technique with optional performance participation. Our program emphasizes each new stage of training, by building upon previous levels to create strong and defined dancers. Students of the Young Dancer Division learn the fundamentals of classical ballet. The design of this class keeps students in motion while promoting creativity. In addition, the students focus on rhythmical and coordination skills to help strengthen their growing bodies. The Student Dancer Division offers age appropriate technique classes to instill the physical basis of classical ballet. Multiple classes each week promote strength for proper placement and technical skill. Students in this level learn to isolate and lengthen muscles by holding sustained positions with an increase in stretching. Dancers acquire a finer sense of musicality in their movement as strength allows for secured positions or quickness of movements. The Pre Apprentice, Apprentice & Pre Professional Divisions elevate dancers to performance standards, through intense training. Upper level students focus on refining technical skills with strength and agility. These students show focus, interest, respect, good character and work ethic in classes and performances. Dancers must train diligently with a strong commitment to advancing in discipline, stamina and physical success. Each student is evaluated before level placement is decided. Students must maintain full participation/attendance in order to progress at the expected pace or make level advancements. All programs and activities, rights and privileges of Arkansas Academy of Dance students are extended to students of any special needs, race, color, creed or national origin.
Supplementary Classes    Reinforce curriculum goals for our academy students. Pre Pointe Classes provide further development and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Pre Pointe Classes stress correct alignment with proper placement and execution in ballet technique. The extra time spent with students will allow teachers to assess readiness in an atmosphere conducive to building and evaluating important skills. Students are invited to begin Pre Pointe Classes at the appropriate time in their training. Boys/Men's Classes recognize the strength and movement qualities that are specific to male dancers. Students develop the strength through the groundwork of technique before relaying it to jumps, turns and presentation. Partnering Classes give students the opportunity to work together while gaining responsibility in lifting, supporting and dancing in unison. Variation Classes offer advanced students an opportunity to demonstrate the cohesion of technique, endurance and presentation. Dancers approach these classes with complete mental focus and physical readiness. Intermediate to advance level dancers' foundation is enhanced with Pilates & Body Conditioning Classes. These weekly classes challenge students to work intelligently by finding superfluous strength through their core muscles and upper body while extending the use of legs and feet. Musical Theatre & Dance classes as well as Tap into Theatre Dance classes encourage students to layer song, dialogue and acting into their formal dance training.  Students focus on communicating using words, movement, music and gain confidence in presentational skills.  
Performance Experiences    Highlight the growth of a dancer. Dancers learn to apply practical skills, acquired in training, to rehearsal and performance. Through our partnership with Arkansas Festival Ballet, students gain knowledge in repertoire ranging from full-length ballets to new and collaborative works. Each season offers students and dancers opportunities to engage with musicians, orchestras, singers and other artistic talents through our collaborative engagements.
Enrichment Opportunities    Allow students time to gain information on relative topics, such as nutrition and wellness, injury prevention, resume preparation and networking. Their research and understanding ensures a plan for pursuing university acceptance/scholarships and contracts with professional dance companies. Through our RDA membership, students and company dancers have access to vital information and networking.  RDA participants are provided the opportunity to train annually with world renown teachers and choreographers.
Extended Training    Encouraged for upper level academy students to further their training during the summer months by attending Intensive Training Programs. Arkansas Academy of Dance and Arkansas Festival Ballet host a series of “Summer Intensive Auditions” for opportunities to train with prestigious institutes. Guest company auditions are not specified or limited to the following: The Joffrey Ballet School, Joffrey Texas, Oklahoma City Ballet, Kansas City Ballet and Long Beach Ballet. These auditions occur January-March of each year and are posted online and in studio. In addition, Arkansas Festival Ballet hosts a 2 week intensive, for non-academy & academy students, as preparation for their major intensives or to serve as the primary summer intensive training.
Pursuit of Excellence    Academy students have attended top ballet training programs and schools including University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, Princeton University, Southern Methodist University, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Houston Ballet, American Academy of Ballet, School of Joffrey Ballet, Joffrey South, North Carolina Dance Theatre, North Carolina School of the Arts, Ballet Magnificat, The Rock, Tulsa Ballet, Next Generation Ballet, School of American Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and the International Ballet Competition.
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